Competitive Team

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Competitive Program

In addition to our recreational dance program we are proud to offer our highly regarded competitive program. Families who are new to the dance world are sometimes a little skeptical of the word itself "competition". Feeling threatened and pressured, parents are afraid that once their child is brought into the competitive dance scene dance is no longer an enjoyable activity for them, when in fact at Prestige Dance Academy it's just the opposite!

Entrance to the competitive program is by invitation only. The invitation simply entails that your child's instructor recognizes the talent, potential, focus and hard work that is displayed by your child in class. We are aware of their capabilities and feel that they would benefit from the program. Even if no changes are made in your child's classes, you should be very proud!

At Prestige Dance Academy there is no pressure in the world of competition. It's not about winning or losing. It's about making your already enjoyable dance world that much bigger and that much better!

The competitive dance program will benefit your child in several ways:

*Students build great amounts of self confidence, hard work, determination and self respect

*Competition teaches students discipline and attitude that is needed in our day to day life

*Long lasting friendships for both students and parents

*Great opportunities to work with well known figures in the dance industry

*Through adjudications and workshops dancers are critiqued however we grown to learn, hear about what we've done well and what we can improve

*We learn about team work and good sportsmanship

*We learn to win honorably and fail graciously