Dance Programs




Offered to student’s age 2-3 years of age. This program introduces young students to co-ordination, rhythms, musical appreciation, interpretation, creative movement, improv and mime through the art of dance. Props such as rhythm sticks, hula hoops, teddy bear’s and magical wands may be used.




Offered to student’s age 4 years and up. This dance program ties together the best elements of creative movement with the structure of classical ballet. Students will be taught warm-ups, stretches, barre exercises, centre and across the floor exercises. Students will build strength, flexibility and work on body, posture and poise.




Offered to student’s age 4 years and up. This class begins with a fun warm-up to help increase strength and flexibility and to develop jazz technique. Fun combinations, isolations, floor exercises and fun routines will be taught throughout the season.




Offered to student’s age 6 years and up. This class will help develop flexibility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Students will work towards partner lifts, contortionist moves and acrobatic tricks.

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Offered to student’s age 4 years and up. This class begins with a fun warm-up allowing students to make various sounds and expand on rhythm, timing and counting beats to different styles of music. Students will learn traditional tap steps and will be taught a remix of unique, cutting edge tap styles. This dance program requires patience, focus and attention.

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Offered to student’s age 4 years and up. Class begins with a funky warm-up, followed by a breakdown of several hip hop and break combos for all levels. Carefully selected age appropriate and professionally edited music will be used. Learn to do the "coffee grinder", the "worm", the "running man", flips, tricks, stalls, tutting, pop & lock and much, much more!!

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Offered to student’s age 7 years and up. Dance routines will portray a recognizable character throughout the performance. The theme may be from a stage show, play, movie, television show, or be a stereotype. Students will learn show songs and will be required to memorize lyrics for lip syncing and characterization.

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Offered to student’s age 10 years and up. Contemporary dance is extremely interpretive in its choreography. Contemporary dance often includes an innate focus on alignment, opposing movement, raw emotions and systematic breathing. Contemporary dance draws on modern dance technique as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques by altogether omitting structured form and movement.




Offered to student’s age 7 years and up. Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from the inner emotion is primary factor in choreographing and interpreting this art form.